On this page, we wanted to bring to the attention of all visitors to our site, the exact text of the Papal Bull "Vox in Excelso", or "Vox Clamantis" issued by Pope Clement V in Vienne, France, on 22 March 1312, a bill which sanctions the end of the Order of the Temple.
Having the photographic copy and therefore the photocopies of the said bubble, was not at all a simple undertaking, since before it seemed "impossible to find", then in the end, with considerable efforts, it was finally traced back to the Vatican Secret Archives, from which the photocopies come directly of said bill, and as proof of this we reproduce the invoice concerning this service made by the Pontifical Secret Archive.
The photostatic copies that were sent to us were really almost illegible, so much so that to have an exact and precise text, it took almost two years of hard work before the computer and then the intervention of several distinguished Latin language experts was requested . We would like to clarify and emphasize that the text we report is the result of the accurate reading and translation, as mentioned, of the original text, carried out by great Latin and medieval experts, and some of them, we can say without problems, is part integral of Holy Mother Church, in the highest spheres.
But now, finally, after so many hardships and wanderings, we can have the full text and translated to perfection of this that we use to call the Bubble of the Lie, or Bubble of Infamy, just like the title of this page of ours. We leave to the goodness of the reader the evaluation of the content of the bubble, which to define infamous is little.
As things have historically gone, and we have all the proof, the bubble is a set of colossal falsehoods, only partially mitigated at the end of the bubble itself, which does not suppress the Order, but suspends it, as everyone will be able to read and so evaluate everything.
As we know the Order of the Temple has even been denied the right to defense, and this is also written in the bubble, and everything else, including the interrogation of 72 Templars, was born from the fertile and wicked mind of the Inquisition of France , only to allow the king, Philip IV called the Beautiful, to take possession of all the assets of the Order, which, because it was not clear to everyone, was well specified in a passage of the same bubble, which states that the King does not want to appropriate the assets of the Templars, a historical absurdity now proven in all ways.
But as we said, let's leave the reader the assessment, knowing things as they actually did, from the text of this bubble. However, let us add, after the full text of the bubble, one of our very brief and dispassionate and technical opinions.
We hope and pray that God Almighty forgive all those who have contributed in the first person and not to this set of lies that led to the most heartbreaking atrocities, as is well reported on the page of this site dedicated to the Templar trial.
We have already forgiven, as Jesus Christ taught us, we ask only the Church to reflect and meditate on this mistake she made, rehabilitating in the eyes of all what was a faithful and sacred Order, reflection that we want to bring before His Holiness the Pontiff, John Paul II, reminding everyone that the Order of the Temple has left the corpses of thousands of knights on the burning sands of the deserts of Palestine, dead in battle with the sacred cry on their lips:

“Per Christus et In Christus”



"Clemente vescovo, servo dei servi di Dio, a perpetuo ricorso dell'avvenimento.

Si è udita, nell'alto, una voce di lamento, di pianto e di lutto.

Poiché è venuto il tempo nel quale il Signore si lamenta per bocca del profeta: questa casa si è trasformata per me in causa di furore e di indignazione; e sarà tolta via dal mio cospetto per la malvagità dei suoi figli, perché essi mi provocarono all'ira, rivolgendomi le spalle, non la faccia, e collocando i loro idoli nella Mia casa, nella quale è stato invocato il Mio Nome, per contaminarla.

Costruirono alture in nome di Baal, per iniziare e consacrare i loro figli agli idoli e ai demoni.

Hanno peccato gravemente come nei giorni di gabaa. All'udire di questa voce orrenda, e per l'orrore di tanta ignominia - chi intese mai, infatti, una tale cosa? Chi vide mai una cosa simile? - caddi nell'udirla, mi rattristai nel vederla, il mio cuore si amareggiò e le tenebre mi fecero rimanere stupefatto.

Infatti la voce del popolo sale dalla città, la voce esce dal Tempio, è la voce del Signore che rende la mercede ai Suoi nemici.

E il profeta è costretto ad esclamare: dà ad essi, Signore, un seno senza figli e mammelle senza latte.

La loro malizia si è resa manifesta per la loro perdizione.

Scacciali dalla Tua Casa, si secchino loro le radici; non portino frutti; non sia più questa casa, causa di amarezza e spina di dolore.

Non è poca, infatti, la sua infedeltà: essa che immola i suoi figli e li dà e li consacra ai dèmoni e non a Dio, a dèi che essi ignoravano.

Quindi questa casa sarà abbandonata e oggetto di vergogna, maledetta e deserta, sconvolta, ridotta in polvere, ultimo deserto, senza vie, arido per l'ira di Dio, che ha disprezzato.

Non sia abitata, ma venga ridotta in solitudine; tutti si meraviglino di essa e soffino con disprezzo sulle piaghe.

Dio, infatti, non ha scelto la gente per il luogo, ma il luogo per la gente.







Adding more to what was written by Pope Clement V would be difficult, as we do not find the words, horrified by such accusations and moved in knowledge, in the true truth, as things have historically gone.

We only add that the Pope, perhaps in a glimmer of lucidity and conscience, writes that "not with a definitive sentence, but with an apostolic provision", that is to say that there is no evidence against the Order, and that the sentence is not final.

Moreover, as would be the case in an apostolic process so concluded, there had to be the sentence of excommunication of the Order and of all its members, but this is not the case: the subsequent threat has no value, because the primary excommunication was not incurred . Last thing: everything was already in agreement, as regards the Templars' possessions.

The Pope says in his bull that no one will interfere with the goods themselves: we know from history that Philip IV appropriated a good part of these goods, without authorization, and the Pope himself, when he wants to forfeit the assets of the Order of the Temple, does exactly the opposite thing.

In fact, with the bull "Ad Providam", issued May 29, 1312, he transferred the assets of the Templars to the Giovanniti, or rather to the Knights of the Order of San Giovanni, the current Knights of Malta.

Then, the Pope in the bull takes all future judgments about the Templars as individuals: well, even here we know how Philip IV, with an ignoble and shameful gesture, burned the Grand Master of the Order at the stake on his own initiative Temple, Jacques de Molay and the other surviving Templars.

We think that all this no longer needs any comment. As we have already said, we pray the Almighty to forgive the horrendous sins of which the sinister figures of Clement V, of Philip IV of France and of all the Inquisitors, Imbert and Nogaret in the head, are stained.

Forgiveness is something that Christ taught us, and that we Templars put into practice, but not only because it is the teaching of the King of Kings, but because we feel it, and we are convinced that man's inner beauty starts from his heart, from its ability to understand and forgive: all the rest comes accordingly, always walking in the path traced by Christ, a way of Light and Truth, as well as Love and Forgiveness.

May God have mercy on us all