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In May 2019, we organized a seminar held by Michele Proclamato on the theme

"The Octave and the Templars"

What is the Octave:


"The theme on which all my work is based is essentially this: always, without knowing how, man has used in all his creative and cognitive fields, a kind of" Science ", a term never as in this reductive case , derived from the deep vibrational knowledge of reality. Thanks to this "Science", which somehow approaches our quantum knowledge, it is possible to develop a Cosmic and Universal perception where the Divine revealed its presence through total immanence in all aspects of Creation.
Once upon a time, in human work, it was built, structured and subdivided so that the vibrational relationship that bound the Universe to God was respected: everything had to be aligned and resonated through a Sonic Science with galactic connotations, everything had to be an integral part of the knowledge of OTTAVA. "


M. Proclamato (see CURRICULUM)







Sono in programmazione, a partire dal mese di Settembre2019, nuovi corsi di approfondimento sull'argomento







I ROTOLI DEL MAR MORTO - Carsten Peter Thiede

The discovery of the Dead Sea scrolls in Qumran constitutes one of the greatest discoveries of archeology of the contemporary era. The author illustrates the history, the papyrological analysis, the role of the Essenes in the Jewish society of the time and, above all, the big question: were there writings of the New Testament in the Qumran library? Thiede argues yes and explains the extraordinary consequences on the understanding of the essence of Christianity.

Publisher Mondadori



La rivelazione dei templari

di Lynn Picknett e Clive Prince

ed. Sperling Paper back


Guida all’Italia dei Templari

di B.Capone e L.Imperio

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I nuovi templari

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I misteri dei Templari

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I vangeli apocrifi

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I Templari

di Peter Partener

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La gnosi e il mondo

di Luigi Mirandi



La chiave

di Hiram di Cristofer Knight e Robert Lomas



La storia dei Templari

di Malcom Barber

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Sulle tracce del Santo Graal

di Tim Wallace-Murphy, Marilyn Hopkins

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I templari

di Barbara Frale

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Il Santo Graal

di M.Baigent,R.Leigh, M.Lincoln

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Il secondo Messia

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I figli del Graal

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Castel del monte e il Santo Graal

di Aldo Tavolato

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Castel del monte scrigno esoterico

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Castel del monte

di Aldo Tavolato

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La chiave alla teosofia

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di Anna Giacobini

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La cerca del Graal

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Il messaggio dei Templari

di R.Luc Mary

Editore: Atanòr


La rivelazione dei Templari

di Lynn Picknett e Clive Prince

ed.Sperling Paperback